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  • " My granddaughter had many discipline problems by the age of 8 when she began Vision Therapy. She had alot rage, disruptive behavior, failure to focus, and difficulty behaving. She was on medication and became a zombie. In desperation, we tried vision therapy and had successful results.  Now she is in high school and is doing very well. Teachers are very complimentary of her behavior, participation, thinking out of the box, and she has improved her grades. I feel parents should make every effort to get their children in therapy and experience the difference themselves."   M. Farragh, Longview, Texas







  • "Big changes!  My son made the "A" honor roll for the first time in 3 years.  Spelling is up from a 75 to a 98, and we now spend 15 minutes doing homework instead of 2 hours!"
Jennifer Tosh - Mom

  • Dear Mr. and Mrs. Carver, "I have enjoyed having Dillon in my class and watching the change he has undergone. I have witnessed him change from a young man without confidence into one who is no longer embarrassed by his abilities. At the beginning of the year, he did not want to read out loud or sometimes even attempt his work! He also appears to be a happier child. So, in answer to your question, the Vision Therapy Dillon has been attending has made a major difference. I have been very impressed with the results and would like to find out how teachers can watch for similar problems in the classroom. I often wonder how many other children have the same problem and go undiagnosed. Dillon is very lucky to have such wonderful parents that will leave no stone unturned to help their child. I wish all of you the best in the future." --Linda Swindle, Teacher



  • To Dr. Childress:"Thank you for helping Patrick work through his disabilities. He has come a long way since he began therapy with you. You have helped boost his self-confidence and self-esteem. He now is a man who is prepared for the military. He is very intelligent and would make a fine military officer." ---Donna McCormick, Mother of Patient 

  • "My name is Isaiah and I am 12 years old. When I was 11 years old I had trouble focusing and paying attention. I also had problems visualing things in my head. I was frustrated at school because I couldn't focus. Then I went to Dr. Childress. Dr. Childress tested me and found the problem. My eyes did not work together. My brain would switch off my left eye, then switch off my right eye, then perhaps try to use both together. Dr. Childress worked with me and trained my right and left eye to work together. At first what Dr. Childress asked me to do seemed impossible, but then it got easier. Now I can focus and visualize what I'm thinking about. I don't have to stay up til 9 pm doing homework. I still have problems but they are not as bad and as frequent as before."  Isaiah Williams --- May 2016


  • "Alyssa's best corrected vision has improved from 20/400 in her left eye to 20/60 in 3 months of vision therapy.In the beginning Alyssa was not even able to bounce a racquet ball much less catch it but now she is able to consistently catch a jacks ball. She has greatly improved with her cutting out shapes and balance. She can now write all her numbers and most of her letters and is still making progress with moving from left to right when she used to just start in the middle of the page." Mother of patient Alyssa Gonzales, 2017


  • "I was involved in a front impact motor vehicle accident. One of my injuries was a severe concussion that spawned several ill side effects. I had double vision, blurred vision, black spots in my peripheral vision, depth perception inadequacies, short term memory loss and trouble with my balance. I was referred to Dr. Childress by my physical therapist. After my consultation with Dr. Childress, I realized that he was there for me and his goal was to relieve me of my symptoms. I am pleased to say that he has done his job and I believe my vision is better than it was prior to the accident. His techniques are unique and challenging. The results of my tests from the beginning to the end are like night and day. I do not think I could have received the care, attention, and results anywhere else. I highly recommend Dr. Childress for any issue you may have with vision." Shannon Chapman --- September 2017

  • "No more medication for ADHD!  Since therapy, my daughter has much greater self-control and is able to function normally in the classroom." Mother of Patient


  • "Recently, we re-enrolled Jordan in Tae Kwon Do.  We are seeing quite a change from when he participated in Tae Kwon Do previously.  His instructor said that he is no longer all over the place.  He indeed, does pay attention, does not talk out at inappropriate times and appears to now have better body awareness."                                    Parents - Gailyn and Barry Sutton


  • "I have noticed that I haven't had the headaches I used to get. I also have less fatigue and my eye muscles aren't sore anymore. There seems to be less stress when I read or work on computers and I no longer feel compelled to bite my fingernails. After removing the prism in the lenses of my glasses and changing my prescription, I now see more three dimensional depth. Things seem to pop out at me especially in sunlight; it seems to be a little taller when I look down at my feet. I thought that vision therapy was only for younger people. I have certainly seen benefits from vision therapy and would recommend it to others, even us other older ones!"    --- G. Boger, Assistant Professor of Management Texas A&M University - Texarkana







  • "Meagan can now read a book (200 pages) and comprehend the story with 90% recall. She in now making A's and B's on her test whereas before she never made above a 65. She is calmer, more mature with a greater awareness of the world around her. She is attentive in class and no longer prone to let her eyes and mind wonder. I highly recommend Vision Therapy!"---Kathy McCommon, Mother of VT patient

  • "After cataract surgery my vision was a real problem. I had blurred vision. It was hard to see clearly both far and near. After 8 units of vision therapy, my weak eye is seeing much better and both eyes are working together. I can now see clearly both far and near." ---Betty Deslatte

     "One year ago I was heartbroken and earnestly petitioned God for a miracle. My oldest son, Isaiah, age 11, was so smart and yet he struggled. He had difficulties with fine motor skills, severe headaches, his reading was above grade level but slower than it should have been with several errors, he was unaware of his surroundings at times, ADD symptoms, an inability to focus or be told more than one instruction at a time and he had overwhelming fears. I knew these things would hold him back in life but was clueless how to help or fix these difficulties.


     We were recommended to a school where some specialized testing services were offered. They agreed he was smart and saw the difficulties he was having, and told us he really needed vision therapy. We believe God led us to you. You told us he had 20/20 vision and was able to show us how his eyes were not working together as a team. They pointed outward causing him to use his right eye alone, then his left, and attempting to work together often caused double vision. His world was in constant motion which explained why he appreared to have ADD and be in constant motion.


     We began vision therapy and Isaiah worked hard at your office and with home exercises. His headaches were the first to go! He no longer saw moving objects in th edark, so those fears have slowly subsided. You taught him how to visualize and increased his short term memory skills. His fine motor skills with writing have drastically improved as well as his spelling.


     Every once in awhile I see traces of the old habits, but God is faithful and has given me the miracle that I asked for! It still blows me away that the difficulties we faced were addressed within that term "vision therapy". And though listing them on paper seems to belittle how hard our struggle has been, I am thankful. I am thankful to have walked closely wiht my Savior through this and seen His faithfulness first hand. I'm thankful to have learned to be a more compassionate person with kids who struggle with sensory issues. I hope I have learned to not be that negative, condemning voice that says they just need more discipline. We all need grace. And I hope I have learned to cheerlead, encourage, and believe the best about others.


     Thank you Dr. Childress for your shared wisdom, friendship, and help." Rebecca Williams ----May 2016





  • "Vision Therapy with Dr. Carl has brought remarkable changes in several areas of my life. Following a traumatic brain injury, I was unable to recall any memorized numbers. There were also areas of loss in my vocabulary, balance, and depth perception. Double vision along with jumbled thought processes created a very frenzied and stressful emotional state. I found myself extremely fatigued from all the confusion and overwhelming issues I struggled with on a daily basis. Following the first 20 sessions with Dr. Childress, I began to notice a significant improvement in my ability to recall numbers. My concentration level increased as the techniques taught through vision therapy were implemented into my daily routine. During the following 20 sessions, my balance began to improve and I noticed a decrease in double vision. As all aspects of concern continued to change for the better, my stress level returned to a normal state. The improvements have been noticeable and sustainable over the last several weeks. I'm pleased with the outcome and look forward to seeing additional improvements as I continue to implement the therapy/exercises into my daily routine." Sharla Parsons - October 2017




Susan Barry Fixing My Gaze

Susan Barry Fixing My Gaze